He can befriend particular particularly Reduced, Play and you may Cain

He can befriend particular particularly Reduced, Play and you may Cain

Eiji are ace enough to be involved in pole vaulting; the guy put this to clear a brick wall and you may aware law administration on the area where the guy near to Ash Lynx and you can Forget about was seized. To start with, even when Eiji try not to take and struggle having fun with one weapon, he practices and you can comes to have the ability to flame a tool.

Eiji is relaxed some dangerous people with his generosity and you will purity, for example Ash to many other gang players he’s significantly less alongside.

Shunichi Ibe

Immediately after entering an excellent slump because of an accident hence stopped their aggressive pole-vaulting operate, Ibe takes observe and takes Eiji also him so you can America due to the fact his secretary. The guy affectionately identifies him because “Ei-Chan.” Ibe will act as Eiji’s protector during The usa. When Ibe basic found Eiji inside the Travel Child In the Air, he believed that Eiji hated him since the Eiji are always ‘glaring’ at your but later determined one Eiji in fact is near sighted and wasn’t able to see Ibe obviously (their eyesight plus affecting his rod vaulting). Once Ibe grabbed the newest valued pictures out of Eiji, Eiji is actually offered a set of associations.

Ash Lynx/Aslan Jade Callenreese

Together with Shunichi Ibe, Eiji first match Ash Lynx whenever interviewing him during the a club on the group life. Throughout their very first run into, Eiji requires to touch Ash’s firearm. Ash, though considered to be distrustful to those along with do not let somebody reach their gun prior to you to second, allows Eiji to hold their gun. That it first fulfilling currently lies the foundation toward amount of trust they put in each other later from the tale and you may separates just how Ash food Eiji in contrast to other some body. Even with understood one another to have a significantly short time, Eiji variations a virtually thread that have Ash in the perilous items they both become involved when you look at the. Ash handles Eiji if you possibly could and also shows your making use of a tool. Eiji becomes extremely determined by Ash thanks to this. Later, they have been proven to enjoys romantic BDSM Sites dating sites free thoughts per most other, while they hardly ever really act on them. Throughout the manga, Play claims that they are fused by spirit ergo meaning it are soulmates (inside account).

Eiji found Skip at a bar in which Ash manage hang out. Eiji earliest discovered out-of Ash never allowing anybody touch their firearm thanks to Forget about telling your of a story regarding when someone did grab Ash’s firearm together with their finger’s blown regarding responding. Eiji and you may Forget about both got kidnapped in addition to Ash trying save him or her. Regrettably, if you’re Eiji try over to get assistance from the police, Forget about are try in the breasts by the Marvin and you may passed away. Just after Eiji read the news the guy visited blame themselves to possess Skip’s passing but is actually confident of the Ash this wasn’t their fault.

Less Wong

Eiji became most close friends that have Quicker on the anime, as well as first started losing tears from the Banana Fish’s impact with the their notice which makes your afraid of Eiji. Reduced is also found to be extremely protective off Eiji, especially just after having to hand Eiji out over Golzine.

Frederick Arthur

As the competition of Ash Lynx, Arthur observes Eiji in order to torture Ash. Eiji was first seen because of the Arthur when he is kidnapped next to Forget about. Arthur requires which he is just before buying Eiji are shot just before Ash surrenders his gun to keep him. Arthur means Eiji because the a weak point out of Ash’s just after the guy witnesses their choices as much as your. Eiji try managed once the “samurai kid” and you may referred to as a great kitten so you can Ash’s Lynx.

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